A Melting Pot of Poetry

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This book of poetry taps into the thoughts of people with a simplicity mind set. People that can enjoy a good laugh or cry or just enjoy poetry for what it is. I see poetry in life with nature giving me the greatest reward. We are all poetry with so many stories to tell whether we share them or not. More and more people seem to be talking about finding love, looking for love or not being able to find love. I lost my love to much love or not enough love. Therefore, many of my poems are about love or symbolic love. I wanted to have a little imagination and write about my feelings of how someone else was revealing their feelings to me with their thoughts put on paper. A lot of my poems are short stories to bring the feelings of the poetry to life. I thought about writing a book for years. I would share some of my poems with family and friends and they would say go for it. I was still a little apprehensive but decided to do just that, go for it. The hardest person to convince was me. When you give of yourself to be shared with the world, sometimes a part of you is still a little shy country boy from Lettswsrth, Louisiana. This is not just a book of poetry but a book about God, sin, hell, feelings, love, hate, sex, life, death and more. This book has given me the wonderful privilege to share with people that shared their hearts with me for a moment. We all have some type of talent waiting to be tapped into, if it has not already. I hope that some of these poems touch you in a special way, so please enjoy. Poetry gives me a peace of mind that is truly a gift from God. I don’t receive this gift lightly so I am giving Him the honor and the glory. I wrote these poems as they came to me so don’t shoot the messenger, (Smile)