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We hear you Black NFL players, however…….

Posted by Kazemde Ajamu on Aug 26th 2017

By Kazemde Ajamu      Listen, I’m a diehard football fan, been so since 1968. Anyone who knows me, knows not to plan anything for me on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights. If my belo … read more

My Dilemma at the Ballot Box

Posted by Kazemde Ajamu on Mar 2nd 2016

Written by Kazemde Ajamu,  I stood in a long line yesterday at the voting polls. Once I received my ballot and walked over to the both, I stood there for what seemed like a lifetime try … read more

Is the problem the messenger or the message?

Posted by Kazemde Ajamu on Feb 13th 2016

The debate rages on in Black America about Beyonce’s new song “Formation” and her Super Bowl half time performance. I have to admit that I have never been a big Beyoncé fan. Whether or not she … read more


Posted by Dr. Molefi Kete Asante on Jan 23rd 2015

By Dr. Molefi Kete AsantePublished 4/13/2009 Afrocentricity is a paradigm based on the idea that African people should re-assert a sense of agency in order to achieve sanity. During the l960s a g … read more