Mary's Healthy Vegan Kitchen

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I had to stop. I ate whatever wanted and whenever I wanted without caring about the nutritional value and what it was doing to my body. Yes, I enjoyed eating food that tasted good (which in my definition was mainly junk food) but in the long run it was killing my body. I was young but barely had any energy and couldn’t enjoy life. I had to ask myself if it was worth it. The temporary satisfaction of devouring unhealthy foods that wet my appetite was not providing my body with the proper fuel to handle what life was throwing at me and it left me feeling sluggish, lethargic and unproductive. Not only that, but I realized I was damaging my body and setting it back, similar to a car which is being forced to run on coffee or sugary juice instead of the gas it was engineered to run on. What do you think will eventually happen to that car, you depend on to get you from point A to point B? At first, it may continue to run, without you noticing its insides being destroyed. Then it may slow down or malfunction but at some point, if you continue to give it junk that does nothing for it and deprive it of the very thing that it needs to run efficiently, it will eventually break down, leaving you stranded and unable to get anywhere. This is what happened to me. But it truly was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to be conscious of what I put in my body change my eating practices forever! The hardest part was eating food that was healthy and devoid of taste. Recently, I discovered that it is possible to eat food that is good for you and tastes good as well. The other day, I discovered this first-hand. I tasted the food from the recipes from this cookbook and was amazed! Not only was the food free from harmful pesticides and other products that downgrade the food, but it actually tasted great too!! I was at an event and had the honor, along with scores of other people, to taste this delicious food which was being provided as the catering. It nearly knocked the socks off my feet. Now even though I have not given up meat, I notice that the food was from recipes that were Vegan and Vegetarian, which left me pleasantly surprised. Now if it was possible for someone like me to enjoy this food, and the many others in attendance who were not Vegan or Vegetarian either, I was sure it would absolutely melt the hearts of Vegans, Vegetarians and those who think twice about what they allow to enter their mouths. I learned that the author of this book, “Mary's Healthy Vegan Kitchen” experienced something similar to me where she was faced with health challenges and decided to change her eating lifestyle. The only difference is I was very young when I made the commitment to healthier eating and she was at the other opposite end of the spectrum. Becoming a Vegan and changing the way she ate has been life-changing for her and I am elated that she is willing to share her secrets to others on how they too can enjoy delicious, healthy food that will nourish, support and maintain the body. "Mary's Healthy Vegan Kitchen" is a must-have in the household of all Vegans, Vegetarians and anyone interested in eating healthy, delicious and delightful meals and snack, etc.