Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils: Confronting the Whitewashing of European History

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Their Truth Will Set You Free For at least a thousand years - including the hundreds of years of African exploitation - these were some of the conditions of Europe: Their mobs ruled. Years long battles that soaked the lands with blood were not uncommon; the unholy church embraced torture that was both cruel and unusual. (Europeans believed in inventing “imaginative” torture techniques that were vicious, yet prolonged the life and thus the suffering of the individual). And what about their medicines? Well, Europe’s medical professionals had fairly high standards when it came to the types of human bodies they included in their medicinal cures. The Europeans’ living conditions were unsanitary. Both rich and poor lived in filthy homes with their animals. As a result, Europe was a disease-ridden society where millions of them succumbed to infestations like the black plague. Europeans born poor, died poor. Starvation and years long famines were common because of violence, wars and poor farming techniques. Teaser: What did Europeans eat when they ran out of food, but not their will to live? The answer is, um-m, disheartening. The white on white crime in Europe lasted for hundreds of years and was brutal beyond sane imagination. Yet, these same Europeans sailed to Africa and lied to the world that Africans were backward savages. Why don’t we ever focus on the Europeans’ behavior? After all, they carried their beastly, bloody practices around the world with them. Lynching folks and then collecting their toes, fingers and hairs as trophies and charms and leaving the bodies to rot in the breeze, was one of them. This disgusting ancient practice was carried forward by Europe’s children - the so-called white Americans - but used against African-Americans. Today with all the white American violence (including unfair laws and unequal justice) directed against black Americans it’s worthwhile to uncover other traditions white Americans adopted from their European parents that affect African-Americans and others. Read how Europe’s past is lurking around in America’s present. They dress nice and talk pretty, but their deeds are revolting. Parental discretion advised.