Reading revolution Vol. 1

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Reading Revolution: Reconnecting the Roots (Volume I)

Dr. Chike Akua with

Co-authorTavares Stephens

We can increase and improvereading comprehensionandcultural consciousnessat the same time!

90 engaging high-interest reading selections

Standardized test format with multiple choice questions

Topic and main idea, supporting details and sequencing

Vocabulary development and context clues

Making inferences and drawing conclusions

Chike Akua and Tavares Stephens combine excellent teaching skills, deep knowledge of African history and culture, and, as master teachers, a real grasp of students interest and thinking. Reading Revolutionis an oustanding product of this mixture, and hence a rare value for schools."

-Asa G. Hilliard III - Nana Baffour Amankwatia II, Ed.D